How a California flute recital went viral in Britain

No-one’s quite sure how, but an innocent invitation by a University of California student, Azeem Ward, provoked a media storm in a country with nothing to talk about.

This is where is started:

azeem recital
Here’s where it continued:

And then it just grew and blew.


Full story here.

That reminds me: The Berlin Phil have a vacancy for a flute and one top candidate keeps refusing to audition. Azeem, you free?

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      • While I don’t know if the #2 seat is coming free or not, flautist Michael Hasel has 30+ duty years with the Berlin Phil and could therefore retire with full pension if he so pleased.

  • Is he friends W/Lisitsa?? Looks like the kind of move she’d be able to pull off.

    Deutsche Grammophon, you listening? They have entered the electro, rock, punk, but so far have missed the whole rap/hiphop/R&B movement. Azeem is a perfect fit. Because they ARE classical music, right ;)?

  • That looks like fun! I wish I’d come up with an idea like that to promote my master’s recital. I just made posters.

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