Here’s what happens when you let a high school choir into the hotel pool

They restore your faith in youth and beauty.

stillwater choir

Three weeks ago, the Stillwater Area High School Concert Choir posted a video of their break at a hotel in Ames, Iowa. They liked the pool’s acoustics and sang F. Melius Christiansen’s “O Day Full of Grace.”

Three-quarters of a million people have watched in wonder.

More now.

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  • Our Upper Middlewest is a very special place — one of the last places on earth where people just love good music.

  • How come when a group like this does such an impromptu performance it’s fresh, fun, and leaves you with a good feeling, but when a flock of professional, overpaid musicians take over a public space it sounds laborious and invasive?

  • Because it’s spontaneous, video flaws (i.e. not professionally done) and all. Loved this. Thanks for posting.

    • Maybe also that some good choral conductors are unsung heroes. Chances are they have rehearsed a lot with one of them.

  • It’s because this was so spontaneous – no glitzy video edits, that it captures our attention. Lots of fun. Thanks for posting.

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