Gergiev will conduct one-third of Munich Phil concerts

Gergiev will conduct one-third of Munich Phil concerts


norman lebrecht

May 15, 2015

The Russian conductor committed himself this morning to leading around a dozen of the orchestra’s 35 programmes in their first season together. Speaking in Munich, he said he was looking for ‘the best combination’ of German music and Russian tradition.

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UPDATE: Gergiev’s full statement, published by the Munich Phil:

„Munich is an important cultural and artistic center and the role of the Munich Philharmonic was always very important here. The City of Munich has a very generous atmosphere and a rich musical life. Munich’s flagship cultural institutions are the State Opera, BR Symphony Orchestra and Munich Philharmonic, making Munich a sucessfull diverse and rich cultural metropolis.“

„I have a long friendship with the Munich Philharmonic, we performed our first concerts together back in 2001. But I vividly remember our first ‘spark’ this magic moment, it was when we did the Shostakovich cycle. What I like about the orchestra is the tradition and warmth and I look forward to working together with this great orchestra and bringing together german music with russian tradition.“

„The uniqueness of this orchestra lies in the sound quality. This orchestra has kept its extraordinary sound, its own voice.“

„It’s clear that the orchestra is more than focused powerful, strong and sensitive. There are fewer and fewer orchestras that have kept their sonority. And this orchestra has succeeded, it has its own vioce and colors.“


  • hyprocritesgalore says:

    Munich looks like geniuses after Berlin’s indecision.

  • ignaciojavier says:

    again too much car for so little pilot

  • SDReader says:

    What is the point of “bringing together German music with Russian tradition”?

    Sounds like a recipe for chaos or junk.

    • John Borstlap says:

      It’s Putin trying to undermine German music through infiltration of Russian pieces under the guise of pleasant non-political programming….. One can imagine Gergiev and the Russian president sitting together at the Kremlin’s hearth with a glass of wodka, plotting schemes to get Angela Merkel off her Wagner obsession and eventually softening the sanctions.