Court fugitive Caballé cancels Vienna

Court fugitive Caballé cancels Vienna


norman lebrecht

May 17, 2015

Montserrat Caballé, who missed a court date in Barcelona last week, has cancelled a matinée at the Vienna Opera on May 31 ‘on grounds of ill-health.’

Poor Montsy.



  • pooroperaman says:

    We should be celebrating her stand, not mocking her. She earned her money through her own ability. Why should people without that ability steal it from her?

    She’s a heroine to anybody with talent, and can only be a villain in the eyes of looters who have none.

  • Rob Maynard says:

    In what sense is anyone “stealing” her money? All citizens of a state should pay taxes in order to support the functions of that state that are carried out on behalf of themselves and their fellow citizens. Maybe there is a case against her and maybe there isn’t. A court investigation is the proper occasion to determine that.

    • V.Lind says:

      Totally agreed. I loathe tax avoiders. And artists are among the loudest objectors when “the state” does not subsidise their endeavours sufficiently. In that context, “the state” is taxpayers.

  • karl redmond says:

    how dare the Spanish government
    not give her the keys, to the republic of spain,
    the money she generates simply in tourism

    her beautifull voice changed my life x

    • V.Lind says:

      She can have the keys to the republic of Spain, whatever that is. It’s the Kingdom of Spain that is seeking her tax share.

  • lopsided says:

    she once had talent sure, but anyone buying tickets to hear her now must have extremely low expectations (in all respects), and should expect cancellation

  • Andre Paradis says:

    Perhaps our dear Montserrat is actually the Queen of Spain. But as long as she wishes her taps to bring her fresh treated water, her toilets to flush, and to drive on paved roads in her beloved Catalunya, she ought to pay taxes like the rest of her concityons et concitoyennes.