British baritone extends his ‘complete vocal rest’

Simon Keenlyside has pulled out of Don Carlo in the Munich Festival at the end of July, extending the period in which doctors ordered him to rest his voice completely. He has barely been heard since December and is cancelling engagements month by month, as required. All in the opera world wish Simon a very swift recovery.

His Munich replacement as Rodrigo, Marquis de Posa is Simone Piazzola.


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    • Perhaps you might have said “great news for Piazzola!” I wish Simon a speedy recovery too…he’s a wonderful singer, a great colleague and a lovey person.

    • Perhaps you might have said “great news for Piazzola and his fans” I too wish Simon a speedy recovery…he is a wonderful singer, a great colleague and a lovely person…

    • Absolutely! Let’s all celebrate one singer’s opportunity at the expense of another’s career-threatening misfortune! Schadenfreude I think is what it’s called – and it bloody stinks!

    • That is a dreadful use of words from you, Novagerio. Pehaps you didn’t mean it deliberately, and English is not your first language, But know Simon very, very well, and you could have bee a bit more tactful with your choice of words , given that Simon is ill and so many of us are really upset about this. Singers are human beings, not comodities!

  • Very sorry to hear Simon still unwell. He is a superb singer and actor and I look forward to seeing him back where he belongs in due course. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Not using his voice must be like hell for him.

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