BBC Music has 2.5 execs doing one person’s job

Slipped Disc editorial:

It has taken the BBC 14 months to replace Roger Wright.


roger-wright (1)

That’s about 10 minutes to shoehorn Alan Davey into his role as Controller of Radio 3 – no other candidate received a second interview in a rigged process – and more than a year to find a new head of BBC Proms, a role which Edward Blakeman has deputised capably e new Proms chief,under exacting circumstances.

Davey and the new Proms chief David Pickard will fill Wright’s boots. Blakeman will continue to hold the fort until Pickard, an outsider, learns the ropes.

This is how Tony Hall’s BBC spends the licence fee: more chiefs, fewer Indians.



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  • The BBC is a wholly corrupt organisation, managers spending ever more to appoint their pals to non-jobs, while cutting back on people doing creative and useful things.

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