Bayreuth replaces its Siegfried

We hear that Lance Ryan (pictured) is out of this summer’s festival. His replacement is Stefan Vinke, as part of a widespread shakeout from a stumbling Ring production.

lance ryan


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  • It’s quite a shake-up. Siegfried, Alberich, Mime, Loge, Fafner and Hagen are new but the women remain largely unchanged, save for Okka von der Damerau (Flosshilde, 1st Norn and Grimgerde), replaced by Anna Lapkovskaja. It’ll be interesting to hear Albert Dohmen, Andreas Conrad, Andreas Hörl et al. Stefan Vinke jumped in for performances of Tristan and Meistersinger in 2011, so he’s already known in Bayreuth.

    Spare a thought for Oleg Bryjak and Maria Radner who should have been there this summer…

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