A legend among harpists has died

A legend among harpists has died


norman lebrecht

May 13, 2015

Victor Salvi, harpist of the NBC Symphony under Toscanini, has died at the great age of 95.

Chicago born, he opened a harp workshop on W54th Street in New York before migrating in 1955 to Italy, where he became one of the foremost harp makers. In 1987, he bought out his main US competitor.

Ever an advocate for the harp, he sponsored many recordings, concerts and competitions.

The angels are unlikely to permit him much rest.

victor salvi


  • NYMike says:

    Norman: Theodore Cella was the NYPhil’s principal harp for thirty years ending in the early Bernstein era. The NBC’s principal harp for its entire existence was Edward Vito, younger brother and pupil of Joseph Vito, Chicago SO’s principal harp for more than thirty years – ending in the late ’50s under Reiner. When 2nd harp was required, Joseph used daughter Geraldine while Edward used daughter Elaine.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      Hmmmm…. I was using information from his wiki entry and website. Will adjust that. Thanks.