A different way of playing the violin

How wrong can the Guildhall get it?

violin points wrong way

Someone senior should be looking for a different job.


h/t: Ariane Todes

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  • For a few years, while studying music, I worked in newspaper production as a night time Picture Editor, and the most basic rule drummed into me was to check when reversing a picture whether there was anything in that picture that would identify it as reversed – watches, wedding rings, partings, etc. Or violins.

  • Hmmm.. looking more closely at the photo I see that the fingers of the lady’s right hand aren’t even on the strings; and even if she were playing ‘open strings’ I don’t think a real violinist would put their fingers on the varnished wood. Clearly a posed photograph. The GSMD really should try a bit harder to ‘get it right’!

  • Read the headline. Now look at the photo.

    Read the headline again. Now look at the photo again.

    Repeat until you understand what’s going on. Do not clutch your pearls to your bosom in fake outrage.

  • What Chris and Alexander said, whether it was intentional or not. Indeed, she doesn’t have the other hand on the fingerboard, though.

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