A big Bach debut on two … mandolins

A big Bach debut on two … mandolins


norman lebrecht

May 24, 2015

Mike Marshall and Caterina Lichtenberg have made a world premiere recording of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Two-Part Inventions, Organ Duets and Canons from the Art of the Fugue arranged for mandolin and mandocello.

Brave. Try some.

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  • Scott Fields says:

    On the CD cover Marshall is indeed carrying a Mandocello. But in the video clip he plays mandolin.

    • Stephen Owades says:

      The video clip is unrelated to the album, which does not involve any orchestral accompaniment.

  • Scott Tichenor says:

    For those interested, more information about the recording including all of that tracks and user comments about the project: http://www.mandolincafe.com/news/publish/mandolins_001722.shtml

  • Marg says:

    Avi Avital has been brilliantly playing and recording Bach on mandolin for ages. He plays in such as way you conclude that must be how Bach wrote it!

  • Cate Patrick says:

    Fascinating! I tremendously enjoyed that clip and I thank you for informing me of such an unusual and beautiful duet. I am going to purchase the album. No doubt you recall, Norman, how fond Mahler was of the mandolin and that he featured the instrument in Mahler-VII.