Video: Baltimore plays for peace in the streets

Marin Alsop was swift to respond to the city’s unrest.

marin baltimore chi-chi

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  • T-ARAFANBOY says:

    Who says classical music is no longer socially relevant?
    Bravo Marin!

  • william osborne says:

    Perhaps its worthy noting that the protesters are about 90% black, and that the people at the concert in the video are almost all white. At least the orchestra is trying to participate in the events, even if the result seems ironic. Will some as yet unseen positive effects perhaps evolve?

    • Stereo says:

      It’s hardly their fault that blacks didn’t attend,it was free for all.

      • william osborne says:

        Strangely, that’s why orchestras are so anachronistic and irrelevant. Their lack of appeal is not even their fault. Just like blacks aren’t going out and buying steam engines for their cars. If only we knew what sort of large-scale, intelligent sonic art might appeal to people, and if only we had the funding to search for and create it.

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