Sick list: Star pianist cancels 6 weeks

Krystian Zimerman has unspecified health problems, ‘a slight but annoying problem that prevents him from playing.’

The Polish pianist has cancelled a Spanish tour with the Scherzo Foundation, and some further dates in France and Germany. Won’t play again before end of May.

We wish Krystian a swift recovery.


h/t: Dianne Winsor

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  • Zimerman is the best. Wish that he would have recorded more. But he has so many problems with it, so we could only wish that he would change his mind eventually. Came a few times to Europe from Israel… with the sole intention of hearing him. Every time asked the cashier if the pianist has arrived…which is very helpful for an hour before the show… Of course, he indeed arrived every time, and so the magic of his playing. Very sorry for the audience for missing that, and good health for this master-pianist.

  • I listened on youtube to his BBC interview from a couple of years back, his comments on today’s musicians reflects on some of the comments made here on the 2015 Proms program. Another mind like Glenn Gould’s.

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