Security guard goes viral as secret piano player

Security guard goes viral as secret piano player


norman lebrecht

April 21, 2015

Meet Omar Tsereteli. He is paid to keep watch at  Georgia’s National Library. When he gets bored, he does this.

security guard

A passing tourist heard him and started filming. Anyone name the piece? (Einaudi?)

In four days, Tsereteli has gained more viewers than Lang Lang’s latest.



  • Hilary says:

    It sounds bland enough to be Einaudi so you’re probably right. Music Sales went down the wrong track signing up a mediocre ‘composer’ like this. Although they have similar (ish) characteristics people like Nyman and Glass are in a different league. Minimalism, as such isn’t the problem.

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    How lovely and civilised! I do hope some jobsworth doesn’t sack him.

  • Helene says:

    This has to be a fabrication. What kind of security guard would he be if he didn’t notice someone “passing by” and filming him like this?

  • David says:

    Never mind the obvious enjoyment, I’m going to attack something!