Sao Paolo orch holds one minute’s silent protest in mid-concert

Sao Paolo orch holds one minute’s silent protest in mid-concert


norman lebrecht

April 21, 2015

one minutes silence

Musicians of the Ribeirão Symphony of Sao Paolo haven’t been paid in four months. Their orchestra, one of the oldest in Brazil, is facing closure. So on Saturday night they stopped the concert and warned the audience of the likely consequences.

Report and video here.


  • Gian Luigi Zampieri .'. says:

    I’ve been working for 6 moths as Music Director of this Orchestra in 2012.
    I have to leave the Orquestra Sinfônica de Ribeirão Preto because of the wonderful relationship between me and all the Musicians (!!!).
    Noone of the administration accepted it, everybody still envolved in “slavery attitudes” against the Musicians.
    At that time the vice-president was a retired “PlayBoy Bunny” with political ambitions.
    Nobody can imagine the corruption pervading everything around this Orchestra.
    What is appearing in the national press is the 1% of the truth, much more has to come out.
    What happened to me could be matter to put down in words an entire book.
    Here one ow the wonderful moments shared with those excelent Musicians:
    Now I live in Italy but I really miss them a lot.

  • Alex says:

    Last time I checked my mapa mundi, it was SAO PAULO.

    • gerald sachs says:

      yes riberão preto is a charming and very beautiful town some 400kms from s.paulo

      • Rgiarola says:

        Thanks for make it clear! In the way it was wrote by Mr. Lebrecht made me wonder about The Sao Paulo Symphony (OSESP). Now I know they aren’t the same orchestra.

        What about OSESP? They are under such pressure? It was all about fussy some years ago.

  • Gian Luigi Zampieri .'. says:

    Alex, esclarecimento desnecessário e supérfluo.
    Alex é também o nome do maestro titular que assumiu a OSRP depois de mim.
    Alex is the name of the conductor who became music director of the ORSP after me.
    As vezes o destino… 🙂

  • Andrea Cavuoto says:

    This makes no surprise to me. I heard OSRP several times, and personally know Mr. Zampieri, and during my one year long stay at the OSESP I witnessed countless times a pitiful tendency to destroy any cultural treasure the country has been able to nourish in years, if not centuries. These kind of attempts are on an everyday basis. Sometimes they succeed.