San Fran faces losing principal bass

San Fran faces losing principal bass


norman lebrecht

April 22, 2015

Scott Pingel has been appointed associate professor of music at the University of Michigan, starting this fall. He’s taking leave of absence from the San Francisco Symphony and the SF Conservatory to test the winter, but San Fran may soon have a big seat to fill.



  • Tom Snyder says:

    I love your blog! It is lively, interesting, informative. But as a northern Californian let me say, “Never, never, never call San Francisco ‘San Fran’ or ‘Frisco’! That to our ears and sensibility is like scratching fingernails on a chalkboard, or playing a poorly tuned violin!” Please spell out the lovely name fully, but if you must, “SF” is probably acceptable. Thank you for listening!

    • Arabella says:

      Personally, as an SF native myself, I was thrilled to see “San Fran” instead the odious “Frisco” which aging tourists are so fond of. Not sure “SF” has recognition value for an international readership. “San Fran”, however, does & as long as it’s not “Frisco” it’s fine with me!

    • Tom Gossard says:

      Are we voting now? I vote yay for Tom Snyder. As a former resident of San Francisco for +30 years (now living in G-d forsaken L.A. 😉 I cannot tell you how much “San Fran” grates on my ears whenever I hear somebody casually referring to that beautiful, emphatically not provincial city to our North as “San Fran.” I will let it pass without objecting, something I would *definitely not* afford some ignoramus(es) when they use that dreadful sounding abbreviation, “Frisco;” which also can be used as a slam by those members of the “I hate Frisco” for its politics, liberal attitudes toward practically any and everything, especially its being a haven for its “utter depravity,” gay people, and any other maligned minority and ethnic groups! (Of one thing the Tea Party Evangelical Christian maligners are absolutely certain: when the rapture comes, they can count on being free from Frisco’s sheer wickedness — and Socialism — for eternity!) Yecchhh…