Riccardo Muti opens his opera academy

The Maestro wants to pass on what he has learned over the past half-century. So he has designed a course this summer for young conductors, opera coaches and singers. It will focus on Giuseppe Verdi’s Falstaff at the Teatro Alighieri in Muti’s home town of Ravenna in July 2015.

Application details here.




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  • My wife won the audition for the Maggio Musicale in 1979, but Muti denied her the job because she was a woman. Let’s see if there are any women conductors in course. Might show what he’s learned over the last half century.

    • Even Klemperer said there was an element of theatre in conducting so that, being on show and with a magnificent head of hair, Muti is quite right to make the best of it. Erich presumably prefers the Gergiev look.

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