Recording sessions as seen by a fly on the wall

Recording sessions as seen by a fly on the wall


norman lebrecht

April 12, 2015

A young London musician, Stewart French, felt that the music public does not connect sufficiently with the act of recording. So he sent in the cameras. In his own words:

I have decided to fund a new video project to support an industry that I truly love: music. you may know, in recording sessions musicians experience some of their most inspiring moments.  I have organised to have some of my favourite artists filmed during these, while creating in their most intimate and private setting.  The idea is to give something short but amazing that *everyone* will enjoy.

I am sharing the first videos this week with my friends.  I’d like to spread the word and see if the idea has legs.  To watch and/or share it takes three clicks here:

I hope you enjoy them – it’s been fun!


The launch video (above) features Cedric Tiberghien in a stunning account of Bartók’s Romanian Folk Dances. As Stewart says: Enjoy.



  • Alice says:

    It would be easier and less restless to view if the fly had spent more time on the wall, or at least in one place. This fly buzzes around close to the performer in a way many artists would find distracting and/or annoying. I cannot say the video enhanced my enjoyment of Bartok, if anything it drew attention the rather colourless and po-faced playing.

    • Alexander Brown says:

      I can’t agree with you about the “colourless” playing – far from it – but I do agree about the fly buzzing around restlessly to the point of distraction, of both player and viewer!