Princeton gets $10 million gift for new music building

Albert Einstein’s school was always stronger on physics than on the arts, but the old boy was passionate about playing the violin – so much so that he once said, ‘Life without playing music is inconceivable for me.’

Princeton is building an arts complex. This week, an anonymous old boy and his wife gave $10 million for a music building. Details here.

princeton music

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  • Albert Einstein was actually at the Institute for Advanced Study, which is independent of Princeton University. The Institute has a fine chamber music hall and a composer/artist-in-residence program.

    • I’ve heard only one concert at the Institute for Advanced Study, and I don’t know if the hall I heard it in is the chamber music hall you refer to, but the acoustic I heard was awful. The place both looked and sounded like an auditorium for lectures.

      I heard the same program a few months later in a church in another city, and the difference was enormous.

    • I second that. I saw Lise de la Salle and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra at the Richardson Auditorium on campus not too long ago. It’s a pleasant venue for concerts.

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