Paris Philharmonie wins its case against Jean Nouvel

The architect claimed his concert hall had been ‘martyred’ in a rushed, botched finish. The judges disagreed.

Case closed. More here.

Paris Philharmonie04

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  • It seems indeed probable that any problems of the hall are the result of the architect’s / plans / intentions. It was a bad idea in the first place to appoint a typical oldfashioned modernist architect.

    • If Jean Nouvel is an “old-fashioned modernist architect” then give me an example of an architect that has got it right. Is he old fashioned because he is a modernist or are there modernist who have avoided being “old-fashioned”? It’s not clear what you mean or if you intend any meaning at all. Most likely you couldn’t resist the opportunity to indulge you self-righteous feelings on the subject.

      On a large complex project it is rather absurd to think that non-professional outsiders in a court of law can pick apart the events of the design and construction of such a project and lay blame entirely in the lap of one party (but, we don’t know the details of the case.) Your certainty on the subject is just cynical hostility.

  • I do hope that, even though Nouvel lost the case, the Philharmonie will still complete the finishing works and correct the missing elements. The building really deserves it.

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