Paris Philharmonie ‘to shut for repairs’

It’s being reported that the new concert hall will be shut down for two months in summer in order to adjust many of the shortcomings that were apparent at its over-hasty opening in January. Concerts are being shifted over July and August to the nearby Cité de la Musique.

Paris Philharmonie04

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  • The hall has a reverb of 4 seconds (I counted). And the sound is too diffused and unfocussed. The Orchestre de Paris underwhelms in that hall. The Concertgebouw managed to sound more hefty and weighty. Hope they fix the acoustics.

    • You counted, haha. Do you know how reverb time is measured?
      And where did you sit where it sounded “diffuse and unfocused”?

  • The hall is magnificent. I’ve played there twice, and had musicians sit in extreme opposite seats during balance rehearsal and concert, we all agree: easily one of the best in Europe! Crystal clear sound.

    • What is good for musicians on stage does not necessarily translate to good acoustics in the hall and vice versa.

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