Just in: Naked quartet leader appeals for legal funds

Just in: Naked quartet leader appeals for legal funds


norman lebrecht

April 02, 2015

Stefan Arzberger, leader of the Leipzig String Quartet who was arrested at the weekend in a Manhattan hotel, has authorised a brief account of events on the ensemble’s site.

They write:

Stefan Arzberger is member of the international renowed Leipzig Quartet. This ensemble with its spectacular carreer since 1988 ranks among the top ten worldwide’s best string quartets. During their US spring tour after the concert in Washington Library of Congress and on a day offs evening in New York City he was drugged, robbed from credit cards, money and personal belongings and was desoriented for the rest of the night.

He woke up with two police officers kneeing on his back. Without any memory of the past 5 hours he was charged assaulting an 64-year-old hotel neighbour. After spending one night in prison he was granted a $100,000 bail. The expenses for preparation of an efficient defense are easily up to $50,000.

Stefan needs help with these expenses. The Quartet add:

We hope for your support and thank you for sharing this! Anyone wanting to donate to his defense fund would be appreciated, no amount is too small. All funds raised are sole for attorney fees.

Thank you!!!

stefan arzberger

To donate, please click here.

So far today, seven contributors have pledged 592.

UPDATE: Five hours later it’s €1,750 from 25 donors.




  • Malcolm Kottler says:

    The current goal of the fundraiser is 15,000 euros. As of the time I am writing, 14 contributors have given 1074 euros. There is an additional opportunity to buy two cds, signed by the members of the quartet, for either 42 euros or 27 euros. When you do so, the site says you have selected “a perk”.

  • Jewelyard says:

    Since they anointed themselves one of the 10 best string quartets in the world, I wont contribute onc cent. I’l

  • Alexandra Ivanoff says:

    While I don’t doubt Mr. Arzberger’s fine musical reputation as well as his colleagues’ explanation of the unfortunate event in New York, there is a loud silence about the woman he allegedly attacked. It seems to me, if he wants to solicit patronage for his bills here, he should acknowledge that one of those debits is making recompense for his victim. I think we need to know that he cares about having injured a person, even if he can’t recall doing it. Revealing a humane attitude can only help his cause, not hurt it.