Just one woman left in Malko semi-finals

The Malko Competition jury has halved last night’s dozen to just six. Here are the survivors:




Giedre Slekyte (Lithuania)

Stilian Kirov (Bulgaria)

Risto Joost (Estonia)

David Niemann (Germany)

Jesko Sirvend (Germany)

Tung-Chieh Chuang (Taiwan)   

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  • That’s such a “the glass is half empty” headline.
    1:5 is a much better quota than in the real musical world, so the glass is actually full, ten glasses actually or more…

  • What, no blacks or latinos? Because South America doesn’t know how to produce conductors, lol?

    All facetiousness aside, what is the point of a conducting competition?

    Conductors should be superior musicians above the peers they are leading, which only reveals itself after they’ve finished their training, and then superior interpreters above that circle of superior musicians, which only reveals itself after years of experience in life, neither of which competitions can provide.

    I don’t attend concerts to watch a conductor’s wonderful baton technique. It’s not a baton twirling contest.

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