Just in: Gustavo Dudamel to make Vienna Opera debut

He’s conducting Turandot next season, it has just been announced.

Close observers will note that the Venezuelan conductor has resisted persistent approaches from the Met.


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  • If I am not mistaken Maestro Dudamel did already conduct In Vienna at the beginning of his amazing career. I guess it was Mozart’s opera, but do not remember which one.

  • The arrogance of some people on this site is becoming rather tedious. Mention a name (Dudamel, in this case), and you’re sure to get the same comments from the same people, à la “he can’t conduct”.

    Same with Yannick (another fine conductor). Same with Rattle (ditto). Same with Gatti when he was announced as Jansons’ successor. Hell, I’ve even heard people say Jansons couldn’t conduct!

    Jealousy of their success is what it ultimately boils down to.

    Why don’t we consider ourselves lucky to be living in an age where there are so many fine musicians?

    I saw Dude conduct a stunning Bohème at La Scala in 2008. It was so good I went twice. Singers tell me he’s fantastic in opera, they love him.

  • Coming back again in support of Dudamel:
    I think if Dudamel spent more time in Vienna (the VPO seem to like him…) there could be another golden age, like with Bernstein/Vienna Philharmonic.
    Who knows, maybe he could introduce into the repertoire, the music of some of the wonderful South American composers such as Villa-Lobos, Guarnieri, Marquez and Chavez (that’s Carlos…).

  • Agree–but “the dollar” speaks much louder now than it did even in 1960 when Otto Klemperer used it (in an interview with John Freeman) as a metaphor to criticize American arts culture. A performer’s marketability is inevitably what drives the quality down. The worthy conductors of approximately Dudamel’s generation are Jurowsky and Harding.

  • I have not noticed any comment claiming Dudamel not being a conductor . That Brian equates a negative response to the Dudamel conducting ability as” jealousy” is laughable
    nonsense and reflects his naive reaction to his hero being criticized. To the L A great
    unwashed Dudamel is a star conductor, to the more discerning he may not be a “star” ..just that simple .

    • After a performance of the Mahler 6th Symphony on a recent tour of Asia, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and Dudamel got a standing ovation in Suntory Hall that lasted for over fifteen minutes (even after the concertmaster had left):


      Many people in the audience would not leave until Dudamel came out for a solo bow. I guess the Japanese are “the great unwashed” as well.

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