Just in: Barenboim is out of Berlin Philharmonic running

‘I am not a candidate,’ he told the Morgenpost at the season launch of the Berlin State Opera. His dismissive comment is confirmed by El Pais.

barenboim check suit

Barenboim yesterday, checking suits with Jürgen Flimm.

(Can we have some comments on the suits?)

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  • ruben greenberg says:

    I wish he were Prime Minister of Israel.

  • Marina Arshinova says:

    good news

  • Stephen says:

    Barenboim isn’t exactly elegantly dressed.

  • Ray Richardson says:

    Dont think it suits him.

  • Aimere46 says:

    Now it’s really between Thielemann and Jansons…

  • Milka says:

    For the big “nothing”this all means why not select the next conductor of the Berlin Phil.
    by playing the game of “musical chairs “.
    As for the suits –it reflects the music making … second hand vintage Russian 1940s

  • ken jacobson says:

    I share Ruben Greenberg’s wish.

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