French minister is confronted by a naked dramatist (adult material)

French minister is confronted by a naked dramatist (adult material)


norman lebrecht

April 28, 2015

Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin was performing her duties on television at the Molières 2015 when a disgruntled author, Sébastien Thierry, decided to deliver a diatribe about low creative wages. To do so, he got down to basics.

Madame La Ministre acted like she had seen it all before.

Avert your eyes, ye of nervous disposition. There is more on the link below.

sebastien thierry


  • anon says:

    we see his point 😉

  • John Borstlap says:

    He could still afford glasses so it can’t be that bad.

  • Brian says:

    Only in France…

    • norman lebrecht says:

      Sadly so…

      • DAVID says:

        Actually, why “sadly so”? Although I do find this to be quite “out there,” the point delivered is quite profound, and this might be the only fitting way to properly make it: namely that playwrights have actually less social protections and benefits than the actors who perform their plays and who would therefore simply have no job without the formers’ work and creative input. When we see a naked singer on stage in an opera — as often happens in a city such as Berlin, or in an opera like Salome, or in certain productions of Vivaldi or Monteverdi operas — are we shocked? Do we not make a distinction between the actual person and the character he or she is incarnating? I view it as a token of France’s remarkable cultural sophistication that such a thing can happen at all, and be approved by the appropriate authorities, without people immediately crying outrage or without leading organizations threatening lawsuits. The only sad thing here is the increasingly puritanical direction — embodied in the antiseptic quality of merely virtual so-called “social” networks where “friendship” has become a mere ethereal concept devoid of any real significance, or in our modern obsessiveness with devices supposedly keeping us “connected” but which only seem to alienate people even more from one another, thus leading to a profound degradation of our very sense for community — which our entire culture is headed towards.

        • Frank says:

          Eh, I’m with Norman on this one. No one wants to see this guy’s junk.

          • DAVID says:

            I’m assuming many people will “be with Norman on that one” — which does not necessarily make it right. History has taught us, sometimes with great cruelty, that entire communities can indeed be wrong.

  • Eric says:

    Must have been a bit chilly in the hall……

  • herrera says:

    By the way, he appears in a play (which he wrote) in which he is completely naked on stage. And by the way, the reason he is on this award show is because he was nominated for an award as the playwright for that play.

    So, really, there is nothing shocking about this at all. Either you pay to see him naked as an actor, or you tune in on TV and see him naked as a playwright. Either way, he is delivering lines he wrote himself.

    The point he is making is that, he gets more unemployment benefits as an actor in his own plays then as a playwright of his own plays. He is naked to show he is the same person whether he is dressed in costume or as a writer.

    (And by the way, he looks perfectly fine. Not everyone can be hung like Gaspard Ulliel. Oh, don’t even google it!)