Dumb film award: Mrs Bach wins it

Written by Mrs Bach, a preposterous BBC pseudo-doc purporting to show that J S Bach’s cello suites were written by his wife, has been refuted, demolished and ridiculed by every expert musicologist in the field, as well as many music critics and practising musicians.

Last night it won Gold Medal in the Arts category at New York Festival’s World’s Best TV and Film Awards, in a ceremony in Las Vegas.

Just shows how little film critics know.

mrs bach

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  • If it somehow serves to ridicule and mock, in particular, white Christian heterosexual males, then according to mainstream culture, it must be true. And we continue to wonder why the legacy of classical music swirls down the toilet.

  • Far from “dumb,” this film will soon be required viewing in the Women’s Studies departments all across the US.

    Who cares if it’s preposterous, refuted and demolished? It Raises Important Issues, namely the theft of women’s creativity by Dead White European Males. Anyone questioning this Noble Goal is nothing more than a misogynistic rape apologist. Now, prove yourself innocent.

  • If Amadeus can be judged on the basis of its wits and over-all artistic qualities quite apart from its dubious worth as musicology, then why not Mrs. Bach?

  • Norman, I haven’t seen this documentary, but if it is as bad as many claim it to be, I wish you wouldn’t illustrate this topic with an image excerpted from Straub’s magnificent Chronicle of Anna Magalena Bach.

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