Bad egg: Piano teacher admits filming sex abuse

Bad egg: Piano teacher admits filming sex abuse


norman lebrecht

April 24, 2015

A private tutor in Auckland, New Zealand,  has admitted admitted sexually abusing two underage boys students and filming himself doing so.

Lam Chun Roentgen Ng, 23, will be sentenced in June.

The court was told that Ng smacked one boy regularly on the bare bottom, ‘when he felt the victim had not been doing sufficient practice.’

Sordid details here.

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We are fast reaching the point where private lessons can no longer be private – for the comfort and safety of both teacher and student.



  • Hilary says:

    Surprisingly unrepentant as well.

  • John says:

    I used to teach private lessons going from one school to another, usually giving the lessons in some far-off room, all alone with one kid at a time. Harming any child would have been the absolute last thing on my mind. I’m retired, now, but today I would never, ever, ever do that kind of teaching in that kind of setting again. Nor should any parent allow it, given that there are apparently some really sick predators out there.

  • Erwin Poelstra says:

    I disagree completely with John here. Private lessons should be private, there’s nothing wrong with that when there’s mutual trust and respect. There should be a personal bond between teacher and pupil without interference of others — it’s only a very small percentage who commit these sexual offences, and there have always been “sick predators”. It’s good that they are being exposed more often now.