Autistic boy wins place at English National Ballet School

Autistic boy wins place at English National Ballet School


norman lebrecht

April 20, 2015

Lovely story from Graham Spircer at Gramilano.

James Hobley, 15, from Redcar, is autistic. So is his twin brother. And his elder brother. They have been schooled at home by their mother, Sheila, after having to endure bullying at a state school.

James conceived a passion for dance. He went on Britain’s Got Talent. Now he has won a place at ballet school.

Billy Elliott all over again.

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  • Jorge Grundman says:

    Can I say something? I am completely proud of this. This is the way to integrate them in our society. In fact I compose God’s Sketches about this matter.

    For those interested

  • John Borstlap says:

    Touching & encouraging story. Art as a liberating and inspirational force.

  • m whitehurst says:

    Simply wonderful! Combined two of my passions, art and kids. Having worked with special needs kids for over 30 years, I could not be happier! Absolutely made my day. Thank you

  • Nick says:

    Superb! Inspirational! A magnificent example to others. Let’s hope we will eventually see this young man in lead roles at the Coliseum, Covent Garden and elsewhere.