Agency swoop: Violin kid, 13, gets global management

Agency swoop: Violin kid, 13, gets global management


norman lebrecht

April 20, 2015

Kathryn Enticott, formerly the go-to manager at disintegrating IMG Artists, has made her first signing as a boutique agent.

Daniel Lozakovitj2


The artist is called  Daniel Lozakovitj, he’s Swedish born and he studies with Professor Josef Rissin at Karlsruhe.

Going by the publicity pic he hasn’t started shaving yet, but he seems to be quite busy on the touring circuit.

Daniel Lozakovitj

Want to see him play? Click here.


  • William Ward says:

    Be Really busy on the touring circuit.But you should stop for a while to see this beautiful violin. Check out:

  • Milka says:

    One wonders …….another ruined life ??????

    • Pamela Brown says:

      Why didn’t anyone say that about Mozart? :-0

      • Halldor says:

        Leopold did.

        • El Grillo says:

          This is quite amazing. The man who ran Wolfgang’s youth ragged touring him all over Europe under dangerous conditions, then pocketing all the money Wolfgang made, and then not giving Wolfgang any of it, when he grew up and decided to live life his own way, rather than be controlled by his father. Oh, this is the man who asked: “One wonders …….another ruined life ??????” The man who tried multiple times to create another child wonder, after Wolfgang came of age, couldn’t do it, but lived a nice retirement off of all the money Wolfgang made as a child. Oh, and didn’t allow his daughter to marry the man she wanted to, which made her quite sick, and other such nice proof that he knew whether Wolfgang would turn into “a life ruined.”

          It’s quite amazing to me how so many people decide how Wolfgang was supposed to live his life, and this because they “know” how it should have been, and thus avoid the fact that perhaps their rules (and society) aren’t attaining the results we see with “Mozart” and when it doesn’t work in their life, Wolfgang is required to magically be the object that will make it work. You know? Because he’s Mozart, which he shouldn’t have been because it was supposed to be different, but he still is!?

          Don’t make me laugh, OK!?

      • Milka says:

        How do we know that some didn’t ?? and what we know of this child does not equate him
        to a Mozart , quite far from it however well he performs .

  • David says:

    A wonderful violinist, listen to his Beethoven concerto on YouTube.