A Bach legend remembers her day of liberation, 70 years ago

The great harpsichord player  Zuzana Ruzickova turned 88 this week. She lives in Prague and continues to offer guidance to a new generation of performers.

Tomorrow, she celebrates the 70th anniversary of her liberation from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp – a hell worse than Auschwitz, as she descries it.

She is talking to Frank Vogl, who is making a film of her life. ‘The spirit of Bach was always with me and kept me alive,’ says Zuzana.

Read the interview here.


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  • Fascinating to see the ragged Peters Edition she is holding and the way JS Bach’s name is printed on the cover.
    There’s a lack of consistency over the years from this publishing house. Eg.J.S BACH but also simply BACH
    It will all be pdfs and i pads within a decade.

  • Legend. Absolute legend. One hour with her is worth a year of life’s true lessons on how to be a person.

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