Vienna bug: Elektra and Parsifal are hit

Anne Schwanewilms has pulled out of Sunday’s Elektra premiere. She is replaced as Chrysothemis by Ricarda Merbeth.

Peter Schneider is sick and cannot conduct Parsifal next week. Adam Fischer jumps in.

adam fischer

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  • If any of your readers, Norman, share my admiration for Anne Schwanewilms in this role (and deep disappointment re Sunday’s Premier) then they may enjoy browsing a collection of my images from a simply elektrifying performance by Ms Schwanewilms as the Chrysothemis, at a dress rehearsal at the ROH, Covent Garden in 2008.

    A never-to-be-forgotten assignment, and a rare opportunity too!

    Link to view the collection:

    Click on the first image to enlarge, then ‘Next’ to proceed, and so on. Enjoy!

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