Two German orchestras to merge tomorrow. Who will conduct?

The bitterly contested merger between the SWR orchestras at Stuttgart and Baden-Baden/Freiburg will be forced through, starting Thursday morning. The musicians are unhappy at the outcome and many conductors have kept well away from SWR, unwilling to be caught in the aftermath.

With one exception: the Hungarian, Peter Eotvos. He is given a hard time by Eleonore Büning. Read her in the FAZ today.

peter eotvos

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  • BTW, the merger process does indeed start today, AFAIK.

    But the concert to be conducted by Eötvös, which is supposed to be the first official concert of the “new” merged orchestra, is scheduled for 22 September 2016.

  • As long as the shameful act is being committed, I think the rest of the world wants to know exactly how it’s being carried out – and what’s happening to everyone who’s leaving (preferably in English).

    On a slightly related note – the budget issues with the Concertgebouw (and other European orchestras in similar situations) should also be reported on in English as well. If it’s only reaching Dutch readers, that doesn’t help them as much.

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