The man who watched the Beatles cross the Road

The man who watched the Beatles cross the Road


norman lebrecht

March 22, 2015


Look carefully at the Abbey Road cover.

In the upper right-hand corner, between John and Ringo, you will see a man standing beside a police van.

Turns out he was a tourist from Florida, named Paul Cole.

Paul dined out on the coincidence for the next 45 years. ‘”I had a new sportcoat on, and I had just gotten new shell-rimmed glasses before I left,’ he’d say. He thought the Beatls were ‘a bunch of kooks’.

Paul Cole died this week in Pensacola, aged 96.


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h/t: The Obit Patrol


  • Bananabob says:

    I met the policeman who was sitting in the police van – Does that give me bragging rights?

  • Barbara Chasson says:

    I recorded with the London Philharmonia and the London Philharmonic orchestras during the 70’s/80’s in the same studio at Abbey Road as the Beatles!! WOW! SUCH AN HONOUR! LOVE THE BEATLES! (which may sound weird for a classical musician, but, for me, there is only good music or bad music, whatever the style… which is why good music will still be around centuries from now, including the Beatles!).