Teheran’s new music director meets his troops

Teheran’s new music director meets his troops


norman lebrecht

March 13, 2015

Alexander (Ali) Rahbari, music director of the Teheran Symhony Orchestra, writes in from his rehearsal room:

rahbari teheran

Dear Norman

In this terrible time when many orchestras are fighting with financial difficulties.
In this time when most politicians are supporting football and Tennis , because they are more popular .
In a country which had always problem with the music.
In a country which is suffering very much under the sanctions.
On Monday March 16 the new Tehran symphony orchestra and choir will play the opening concert with Beethoven 9 ( with complete 150 Iranian musicians choir and singers).

Is that not amazing?


  • Neil van der Linden says:

    Good news that the orchestra has been reinstalled. It may come as a surprise to many that Beethoven 9 is being performed, with women solo parts. Well, during the last two years The Sound of Music, Gianni Schicchi, My Fair Lady and Hänsel und Gretel were performed. Sometimes at the premiere by having some other singers singing along with the soloist, so that officially it transpires as choir.

  • NYMike says:

    Glad to hear, especially after the news this week of our 47 Republican Senators’s imbecility in trying to scuttle ongoing nuclear talks with Iran.

  • T Howe says:

    A nice story, but could have done without the militaristic language – “troops”. No orchestral musician thinks of themself like that anyway, and this lot could do with more respect. In such a troubled, militaristic country their existence is a symbol of peace and hope and the use of that word is misplaced.

  • Branimir says:

    Good luck, maestro Rahbari!