Orchestra CEO steps up as recital pianist

Orchestra CEO steps up as recital pianist


norman lebrecht

March 25, 2015

Last weekend was tough for David Marecek, chief executive of the Czech Philharmonic. Sunday afternoon he was handling the aftermath of a bus crash that put several of his players in hospital. That evening he was playing Dvorak with the Jerusalem Quartet in the Philharmonic Hall. All in a day’s work. Review here.

david marecek


  • Mikel Toms says:

    I was at the concert. It was the same day as the crash. He gave an update on players’ condition from the stage of Besední dům and then gave a very fine performance of the Dvořák. Impressive stuff!

  • David Marecek says:

    It was a tough day indeed. But my colleagues did everything to take care of the players and luckily everybody is now at home, although the recovery will take some weeks and even months. We would like to thank Austrian authorities who did amazing job and also tourists from Poland who helped our players immediately after the crash. And I personally would like to thank our players for their brave behaviour. Our percussion player Miroslav Kejmar risked his life trying to save the bus when he saw the bus driver collapsed. Thanks God everybody is alive and a big thank you to the Jerusalem Quartet for wonderful and enjoyable music making! David Marecek

  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    You are all to be commended for your stewardship as colleagues and musicians. I applud you all.