Lang Lang is thrilled

Lang Lang is thrilled


norman lebrecht

March 18, 2015

He always is.

Every other day.

He’s an automaton ambassador for every paying brand.

Can’t remember what it is today.


Thrilled to make my debut on 8/19 with & playing Bartók 2!

These tweets are generated by a machine. It will be news the day Lang Lang is unthrilled.

lang lang trophy


  • Rudiger says:

    I agree, that Lang Lang is like an automaton and plays like one as well. I think that, as he ages, he will become less and less interesting, as too much of what creates his “brand identity” today is linked to crass commercialism and brand endorsements. In a culture that favours youth, money and power, that attraction will fade in the ensuing years and will leave him exposed to being judged almost solely on his playing. Without the powerful marketing and PR machine spinning in overdrive, that will put the focus on the area that he has least proven his skills, namely in insightful, deep, profound readings of music. The game will be over then and the “industry” will search for a new automaton who can generate the same cash flow, leaving Lang Lang out to pasture.

    • Bruce says:

      It sounds like you’re an a bit of an amateur piano player having a bit of a grumble. Sorry that you got little talent, but offer opinion to cut down the tall poppy. That’s not Lang Lang’s fault. Have you ever thought of taking up the ukelele

  • Andy B says:

    I’d be thrilled most days if I was him. He lived away from his mother for years, in a dingy flat in a rough area, practising hours and hours to give himself a chance. Obviously he won’t be the only one to have made these sacrifices, but he’s living his dream. At least he seems happy with it. All power to him.

  • Matt says:

    Picking out one tweet from more than a month ago? Your disdain for the guy is really pitiful. How about reporting on his musical outreach work with children? Lang Lang does more for the classical music world than any other artist out there today.

  • Milka says:

    Why single out Lang Lang so much – is he any worse than a host of others who
    went only for the buck while pretending to serve “music “. . Were Callas ,Pavarotti ,
    Domingo etc. any better with their schtick at pretending to serve the art ? Lang Lang
    is what he is -he has his audience as do players like Piotr Anderszewski have theirs .
    Lang Lang is having a good time and it seems he also makes a good buck at it .
    Anderszewski I presume also has a good time but may make considerably less money .
    It is the audience however informed or however ignorant to the music played that makes the difference on how they receive a performer .. To lay Lang Lang’s success at the door of PR is a great mistake .His audience is happy with him .

  • Alex says:

    Norman is Cynical. Every other day. He’s unmerciful with his foes, and completely permissive with his friends, even if they (igudesman & joo) do the same as his foes (Bocelli, Andre Rieu, etc).

    Who is it today?


    Lang Lang!

  • González says:

    And yet so many conductors and music directors around the world choose to work with him. Perhaps they’re also “thrilled” about it? Or perhaps is it the good job of music lobbyists (a.k.a. managers, PR’s, etc.) who push him into every single opportunity they can think of whether artistic or social-flashy? In any case, he represents a HUGE contribution to the otherwise current tendency of superficiality within the classical music business.