French stars rally in defence of music on radio

French stars rally in defence of music on radio


norman lebrecht

March 31, 2015

No sooner was the decision out that two radio orchestras may be forcibly merged than the leading names in French music have sent a petition to the Minister of Culture, urging her to maintain the high standards of France Musique.

The first signatories are:

Roberto Alagna, chanteur ; Alain Altinoglu, chef d’orchestre ; Gautier Capuçon, violoncelliste ; Renaud Capuçon, violoniste ; Jean-Claude Casadesus, chef d’orchestre ; William Christie, fondateur des Arts Florissants ;Alexandre Desplat, compositeur ; Natalie Dessay, chanteuse ; Pascal Dusapin, compositeur ; Anne Gastinel, violoncelliste ; Véronique Gens, chanteuse ; Hélène Grimaud, pianiste ; Emmanuel Krivine, chef d’orchestre ;Katia et Marielle Labèque, pianistes ; Didier Lockwood, violoniste ; Patricia Petibon, chanteuse ; Michel Portal, clarinettiste et compositeur ; Christophe Rousset, fondateur des Talens Lyriques ; Jordi Savall, fondateur d’Hespèrion XXI ; Alexandre Tharaud, pianiste ; Jean-Yves Thibaudet, pianiste.

djokovic_dessayAlagna 3petibon

Aux armes, citoyens!


  • Guillaume says:

    Not at all !!! They are defending the french national radio “France Musique”, wich is the classical music radio of “Radio France”.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      But France Musique is not under threat – at least, not from the latest decision. It is the ochestras that are in peril.

      • Clement says:

        Indeed, the letter does not talk about orchestra mergers — although it is also a possibility… But in this case, France Musique is what musicians are speaking about ! Read the full text !

  • David says:

    Actually, Guillaume is right. The letter does not mention any orchestras, but rather the possibility, concerning France Musique, of “drastic budget reductions, Internet migration, and even its shutting down altogether” (“des réductions budgétaires drastiques, la migration sur Internet, et même la fermeture pure et simple.”) No mention whatsover of possible orchestra mergers.

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