Domingo drops a role

Domingo drops a role


norman lebrecht

March 04, 2015

The singer with the most roles in the history of opera has dropped one from his baritone register. Placido Domingo has pulled out of Il Trovatore in Berlin, La Scala and this summer’s Salzburg Festival, saying he can’t manage Count Luna again.

Salzburg has replaced him with Artur Ruciński, who stood in for Domingo last summer.

placido-domingo curtain


  • tristan says:

    he is such a great artist so let’s hope he will drop the others also as he simply is no baritone – well done

  • GEll says:

    I’d say he drop from the scene altogether. The man has overstayed his welcome by about two decades if not longer.

  • Ivor Morgan says:

    Domingo would do well to learn from Heifetz who retired at his peak. It’s always been sad seeing the likes of Domingo, Fisher-Dieskau, Menuhin going on and on and on..

  • Jean Collen says:

    Placido Domingo has had a wonderful career. He should retire now and be remembered as a great singer, rather than carry on until his voice is a mere shadow of what it was in its prime.