Breaking: Police raid Seoul Philharmonic

Breaking: Police raid Seoul Philharmonic


norman lebrecht

March 11, 2015

Just in from a Seoul eyewitness:

The police just came to the Seoul Phil office and confiscated the phones and computers of employees who signed the complaint against the former CEO, Park Hyun-jun. She is suing them. She seems determined to destroy this organisation. There will be more bad news later today …


UPDATE:  There must have been 10 cops here this morning – and they talk about the orchestra being a waste of the taxpayer’s money.

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UPDATE here.


  • SDReader says:

    The Park family controls the police?

    Is it the norm in Seoul for police to raid a company and remove computers of ordinary workers who complain about a bully boss? Seems heavy-handed and a misuse of police time.

    And wouldn’t such a complaint be a civil not criminal matter?

    Why are the police expressing the political opinion that arts spending is a waste of taxpayer money?

    • SDReader says:

      To answer my own questions, perhaps she hasn’t “sued” but filed her own official complaint that taxpayer money is being wasted, which may be a crime, and this is now being investigated by the police.

      If so, she is effectively attacking the Seoul Philharmonic itself.

      All in spite.

  • Adele says:

    Actually she almost sued them. They wrote about how they have been undeservedly mistreated by their bully boss. All of them put their voice together for being ‘anonym’ in front of Park’s strong family which connected with political powerful politicians. After an investigating by Seoul city council’s investigation last december, everything is revealed as true then she said she’ll resign. (Nevertheless, she kept her office till early January 2015.) I can’t understand how Korea police could be manipulated like that. It does NOT make sense at all. SPO workers are victims.

  • Adele says:

    More bad news from Seoul about SPO and very reliable informant,
    Along anonymous informant of korean press which has been focusing on this issue since last year, the victime of sexual assault by ex-president Ms.Park Hyun-Jung , tried to suicide last week. This male employee of SPO was stressed-out after a violent police ‘search and seizure’ of his place where he lives with his parents.
    He’s been seriously ill but fortunately his commit failed. Still he needs to stay in the hospital for further treatment and cure till this week. His liver is quite damaged, swalloing around more than 30 sleeping pills. He even wrote his will and teatament which says how he’s been too threatened and humiliated to stand any more all the undeserved oppression.
    Cross-examination will be organized next week with Ms Park vs SPO employees. So we can easily get some clues why this ‘search and seizure’recently happened again, especially this male victime’s personal place. Ms.Park strongly denied having commited sexual assault throught her own interviews via some Korean press last december. However, if Cross-examination would been held, all truth would be revealed.
    SPO employees has prepared this ‘Cross-examination’ and their lawer asked this investigation for proving what is the truth between Ms. Park and victims.
    This news is yet to published ‘cause Korean press still waits Cross-examination result, and they’re scared a lot Ms Park’s revenge. As she’s done with SPO’s employees since last December 2014, she would be capable to completely destroy not only an orchestra but also other’s life, itself.