Beethoven’s Fifth gets a salsa beat

Not sure what point they’re making.

beethoven salsa

It’s the work of a Norwegian composer, Sverre Indris Joner.

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  • Well, I prefer my Beethoven without the Salsa infusion and vice versa. This reminds me too much of the guff somebody like Mark O’Connor might come up with.

  • The “point” is that the audience liked it, it was based on something a classical composer wrote, and offers an approach to engagement that just might address the plight of orchestras like Pittsburg who have sold only 57% of their seats.

  • Its very simple:

    Dudamel + Simon Bolivar orch play Bernsteins Mambo like a Salsa band and get wOrldwide attention, therefore salsa must be what audiences want.

    The adoption of “Dudamel” or “El Sistema” repertoire worldwide is honestly an insult to the music of revueltas/marquez/etc. Its a “sugarcoated pops” strategy which, needless to say, fails due to its lack of depth.

  • The second rate plunder from wherever they can …that the audience “liked ” it
    only speaks to the low level of the audience,nothing new here.

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