Judith Kellock died today.

A pupil of Jan DeGaetani, she performed with leading US orchestras, was a regular at the Aspen Festival and appeared with opera companies in Italy and Greece.

Judith was a popular teacher at Cornell University and a patron of young composers.

judith kellock

UPDATE: Cornell tribute here.

Quotes from an interview today in the Frankfurter Rundschau:

thielemann sport1


Frage: Herr Thielemann, eine Dresdner Tageszeitung titelte kürzlich: «Dresden ist der Höhepunkt meiner Laufbahn». Im Interview sprachen Sie dann vielsagend von Ihrer «bisherigen Laufbahn». In diesen Wochen fragen sich viele, was da wohl noch kommt?

Antwort: Vielsagend? Also, viele interessante Posten werden in den nächsten Monaten neu besetzt. Die New Yorker Philharmoniker suchen einen Nachfolger für Alan Gilbert. Riccardo Muti wird nicht mehr lange in Chicago bleiben. Die Metropolitan Opera wird irgendwann frei. Und, ja, natürlich, auch in Berlin ist ein Posten vakant. Ich lese ja auch die Zeitung.

Question: Mr. Thielemann, a Dresden newspaper headlined recently: “Dresden is the highlight of my career.” In the interview, there was much talk of ‘so far.’ During the next few weeks, many are wondering what is yet to come?

Answer: Many are asking? So many interesting posts to be filled in the next few months. The New York Philharmonic is looking for a successor to Alan Gilbert. Riccardo Muti won’t stay much longer in Chicago. The Metropolitan Opera will come free some time. And, yes, of course, in Berlin there is also a vacant post. Yes I read it in the newspaper.


We are saddened to report the death, this morning at his home in West Linton, near Edinburgh, of the composer and pianist Ronald Stevenson. He was 87 and had been in poor health in recent weeks.



He is probably best known for his 80-minute Passacaglia on DSCH for solo piano, written between 1960 and 1962 on a theme derived from the initials of Dmitri Shostakovitch, to whom he dedicated the work, one of the longest ever written for solo piano.


stevenson with dsch

He also wrote two piano concertos, a violin concerto for Yehudi Menuhin and a cello concerto in memory of Jacqueline du Pré.

A man of great modesty and no appetite for limelight, he was a source of inspirations for hundreds of young musicians in Scotland – and beyond. He gave seminars at Juilliard and taught at Capetown and York.

A Toccata birthday tribute earlier this month gives a sense of his unique qualities. UPDATE: A friend remembers him here.

Born in Blackburn, Lancashire, and schooled at what was then the Manchester College of Music (now RNCM), he identified with his father’s lineage and moved to Scotland from his mid-20s.

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Definitely one for the New York Philharmonic shortlist.