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A bus carrying some members of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra home from a concert in Vienna came off the road today near the Austrian village of Mistelbach.

Three people are reported to have suffered serious injuries. Twelve have been detained in hospital.

Most of the orchestra had caught a flight from Vienna to their next concert in Poland. Those on the bus were not required for that engagement.

Report here (in Czech) and here (in German).

czech phil bus

UPDATE 2200 CET: All players but two have been released from hospital and are on their way home. The two casualties with serious injuries are now in stable condition.

Critics at the parish-pump have published a wish-list of music directors for the New York Philharmonic. Slipped Disc responds with a list of the ones the orchestra needs to avoid.



1 The been-there, done-that


david robertson

2 The all-American hopeful


thielemann sport2

3 The political hot potato


susannah malkki

4 The specialist’s modernist


John-Eliot-Gardner-Bach-Marathon-620x319 (1)

5 The early bird



6 The Finn end


ivan fischer

7 The one who’ll turn them down


Beyond this list and the Times’s, there are six candidates of outstanding suitability, none of whom has yet been mentioned. Some have yet to audition in New York. We’ll discuss their prospects in due course.



1 Kent Nagano
2 David Robertson
3 Christian Thielemann
4 Susanna Mälkki
5 John Eliot Gardiner
6 Esa-Pekka Salonen
7 Ivan Fischer

Our operavore contributor Shawn E. Milnes has been writing about the ghastly Totentanz that is being staged in New York around the remains of what was once City Opera. Two rival groups have gone to court over the corpse, with a union leader shooting off from the sides. The latest farce was a tribute gala concert to the late conductor Julius Rudel, who must be turning in Valhalla.

Read Shawn here.

nyco gala

This is the more advanced version.

Virtuosic stuff.

(You may prefer this version).

towel dance

This is a not a new video, but it contains many helpful tips for those of us who rely on multi-tasking to get us through a busy weekend.

changing clothes

And here‘s how not to do it.

A bill placed before the US Congress will give producers and sound engineers a statutory right to earn royalties from digital downloads of recordings they make.

Artists are guaranteed 45 percent under current law. The aim is to set aside 2 percent for the studio team. Details here.


Tinnitracks, a new device from Hamburg company Sonormed, uses filtered audio therapy to treat ringing in the ears. It helps tinnitus sufferers retrain their brains by listening to music that filters out case-specific frequencies.

Sonormed’s MD, Jörg Land (centre), won a major prize this week at the Austin, Texas, South by Southwest technology festival.




Look carefully at the Abbey Road cover.

In the upper right-hand corner, between John and Ringo, you will see a man standing beside a police van.

Turns out he was a tourist from Florida, named Paul Cole.

Paul dined out on the coincidence for the next 45 years. ‘”I had a new sportcoat on, and I had just gotten new shell-rimmed glasses before I left,’ he’d say. He thought the Beatls were ‘a bunch of kooks’.

Paul Cole died this week in Pensacola, aged 96.


man who watched beatles 1

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Our chers amis at resmusica.com report that the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France played in an empty Paris Philharmonie on Friday night as a result of the various strikes called at the crisis-ridden broadcaster.

Radio France had cancelled the concert, but the musicians – and their conductor Myung Whun Chung – insisted on going ahead with the programme they had prepared.

Why the hall had to be empty is an unfathomable mystery of French industrial relations.


UPDATE: Entering  musical folklore as ‘Le Concert Interdit’ (the forbidden concert), the programme will be replayed tonight at the Musikverein in Vienna and on Tuesday in Cologne.