Verdi opera gets Pegida update

Say what you like about Regietheater directors, but they do try to keep up with the news.

These pics are from I Masnadieri in Weimar.

verdi pedida2verdi pegida

photos: Matthias Horn

Now, where’s the nearest ISIS opera?

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  • Nearest ISIS opera? Will probably be cancelled due to “respect for the feelings of the religious population” (read: death threats from a certain part of this population.)

  • From the theatre’s website:

    Fragt man nach der Quelle von Gewalt, so gibt Verdi eine mögliche Antwort: Wo Menschen unfähig sind, sich einander mitzuteilen, entsteht eine Leere und Sinnlosigkeit, die mit körperlicher und seelischer Grausamkeit ausgefüllt wird.

    If you ask about the source of violence, Verdi offers a possible answer: Where people are unable to open up to each other, an emptiness and meaninglessness arises, which is filled with physical and mental cruelty.

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