Russian maestro, 82, is out of intensive care

The veteran conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev is making a good recovery, Tass reports from Moscow, after being rushed to hospital in a serious condition two weeks ago. He has been transferred to a regular ward and hopes to fulfil a pair of Moscow concerts in a month’s time.


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  • I saw Fedoseyev conduct Dvorak 8 in Zurich a few years back and he was such a genial man, inspiring really lively playing from the Zurich opera orchestra. I’m glad he is getting better and imagined him to be considerably younger.

  • with all due respect and best wishes for his recovery, I have heard more stories from Soviet era musicians about this man and his close ties to destroying many careers ( if I understood correctly, he Plus music director of the USR folk orchestra, married brezhnev’s daughter, and was then converted into a highly political and borderline incompetent Soviet Maestro. One should see Wikipedia for his biography and some rather chilling information on his role in Soviet musical life.

    • He wasn’t married to Brezhnev’s daughter – his wife Olga Dobrokhotova was the host of classical music programs on Soviet TV and a music advisor to Sergey Lapin, Head of the Soviet TV and Radio Commitee (and a notorious anti-Semite). When Gennady Rozhdestvensky refused to purge all the Jewish musicians from the Grand State Radio & TV Orchestra and resigned from his position as the artistsic director, Dobrokhotova engineered her husband’s appointment – he was only too happy to do all the dirty deeds required … Before that, he conducted a folk ensemble of balalaikas and such …

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