‘Pianists who slam it should be…’

‘Pianists who slam it should be…’


norman lebrecht

February 01, 2015

Complete the quotation as you see fit.

It headlines a lovely profile of Mahan Esfahani in today’s Independent newspaper.

And since these things tend to come in threes, we’ve just received two immortal classics of a pianist who slams it.

Check this

and this (especially at 3:52)

He’ll go far.

neill eisenstein
h/t: Zsolt Bognar 


  • Paul Lanfear says:

    …sentenced to a night in the slammer!

  • Fritz Curzon says:

    allowed to play only on a balsawood keyboard (preferably a silent one)

  • Phillip Fawcett says:

    nailed to the piano lid through the 2nd knuckles.

  • Erwin Poelstra says:

    WTF? —-> In this case meaning “Why The Fist?”

  • Adrian Monk says:

    Just dreadful. Never mind the fist at 3:52, what about the fistfulls of wrong notes. Sadly such people do the great Liszt an enormous disservice. Who is it anyway?

  • Sebrasmus says:

    This is possibly the most ante-Liszt interpretation I have heard!
    Not only it is tasteless and unmusical but it is full of wrong notes and harmonies.
    Just unbelievable that this guy gets many viewings now for such a butchery due to this article with one slaming sentence taken out of context…
    I would have preferred some Bach with the excellent Mahan Esfahani, Mr Lebrecht!!