Music teaching faces chop on election eve

The London Borough of Bromley, a Tory-ruled leafy suburb, wants to withdraw all funding to Bromley Youth Music Trust, an independent service that provides instrumental and vocal teaching in schools and the wider community.

The sum involved is £300,000. The council says it has been squeezed by Government cuts. The cut takes effect at the end of April, just before the general election.

Since the constituency is a safe Tory enclave, slashing the arts to balance the books is not going to be an election-night decider.

Unless the issue starts to roll nationally. Your borough could be next.

Be informed here. Sign a petition here.


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  • I wonder why this is happening all over Europe . In Spain the Department of Culture is cutting the budget even more. It seems culture is not that important for the Goverment….oh my !! those artists !!

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