Mrs Lovett embraces fish pies

Mrs Lovett embraces fish pies


norman lebrecht

February 11, 2015

Helena Bonham Carter, who sang the cannibalistic pie maker in the film of Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd, has bared her all for fish.


helena bonham carter fish

media release: Helena Bonham Carter, has got her kit off to pose with a 27kg tuna to highlight the fact that 100 conservation charities (including MCS) are calling on ministers to declare more marine reserves in the British Overseas Territories of Pitcairn, Ascension, & the South Sandwich Islands. They make a lovely couple – but the message is a serious one


  • Peter Lovett says:

    Words fail me and I didn’t even know I was married.

  • Kirk says:

    What would she do for the elephant?

  • Lucy Harbin says:

    Is “cannibalistic” an accurate description of Mrs. Lovett? There is no indication in the musical that she and Mr. Todd eat any of the pies she bakes and sells.