Met star, still singing, turns 90

Met star, still singing, turns 90


norman lebrecht

February 26, 2015

Lucina Amara, a soprano who sang 56 solo roles at the Met over 41 consecutive years, will be 90 on Sunday. Abroad, she appeared at Vienna, Glyndebourne and the Edinburgh Festival. At 51, she successfully sued the Met for age discrimination. She’s not done yet.



  • Robert Holmén says:

    Her comments at the end (about 9:30) are interesting for explaining how old sopranos get that “wobble” in their voice.

  • Daniel Farber says:

    More authenticity in the Mozart performance than in those of most of the younger stars.

  • Lucy Harbin says:

    By her own admission she was never a thespian.

  • Sanda Schuldmann says:

    Could not agree more with Mr. Farber above!
    Thank you for posting it!

  • Peter Freeman says:

    Saw her as a touching Mimi opposite Tucker at the Met in 1972. She was much slimmer back then, as I recall. A valiant comeback by a great artist! Long may she continue to impart her wisdom!

  • Una says:

    She uses what she has at an amazing age in repetoire that is far from easy for people half her age, but she sings and communicates, not just all voice. The accompanist struggles more at times! Thanks for this. Very encouraging that people can get up and sing and bring pleasure at such an advanced age.

  • baron z says:

    My great-aunt, Evelyn Blehert (Elevitch), had a career singing in a theater in New York City early in the 20th century (like in the teens or 20s), but gave it up for a different lifestyle. She still had her lustrous contralto at the age of 90.