Just in: Berlin Phil horn becomes London professor

The orchestra’s residency this month has left all sorts of legacies, outside the new concerthall campaign. Among the offshoots is a visiting professorship at the Royal College of Music for Berlin Phil principal horn, Stefan Dohr.

Read here.


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  • He’s a ‘visiting professor’. That means he’s not their weekly teacher, but comes in occasionally for special sessions etc.

    • All right, so what is the contract of a “visiting professor” like?
      §1 The visiting professor shall teach at RCM whenever he finds the time for it.
      §2 The RCM might use the visiting professor’s name for marketing purposes.
      §3 No contract is necessary for freelancing as a teacher occasionally at RCM, but the parties do it anyway, since it creates a nice public relations opportunity.

      Like this?

  • I can’t claim to know, I’m not an insider. I was just pointing out that they have a regular teacher to do the weekly thing. This is a different sort of post entirely, surely. There probably are ‘public relations’ reasons for it, but I think I’d be pretty happy if I were a horn student, to get sessions with him, all be it not terribly often.

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