Breaking: La Scala decides on Pereira

Breaking: La Scala decides on Pereira


norman lebrecht

February 16, 2015

When he fled to Milan from the Salzburg Festival, Alexander Pereira was placed on probation for a year, after revelations that he had prettied up the Salzburg accounts through production sales to La Scala. Pereira’s term was due to end in December 2015.

This morning (we hear), without warning, the board of La Scala handed him an extra five years. The reason given was that his first months in office have restored the board’s confidence in his judgement.

pereira girl




  • Simon S. says:

    Norman, I’m serious: Next time you post this photo, I might [well, you’ll redact anyway] 😉

    • Malaika says:

      Simon what’s wrong with this picture? Are you envious? She is a lovely lady and they are still happily together.

      • Ks. Christopher Robson says:


      • Simon S. says:

        Oh, it’s nothing about her and nothing about them being together.

        It’s this smile of both of them, and especially his. I suppose the photo was taken at some happy society event, and the smile will have been appropriate there.

        But posting thie photo with this smile on every not-so-good-for-music Prereira-related news might be seen as cynical.

  • Ks. Christopher Robson says:

    Well actually, this is probably good news. Isn’t it? If they are giving him the full 5 years he was originally supposed to have, and they feel he is doing something right for the house (and that ain’t easy in Italy, is it!),then surely it bodes well, doesn’t it? Let’s judgehim in a few years time, rather than be doom and gloom about him at the present time. Maybe finally he will be the person to revitalise and bring some sort of order (if such a thing is ever possible) to La Scala 🙂

    • SDReader says:

      Absolutely. Pereira is a brilliant impresario with nothing to prove. Look at his record in Zurich, much of it preserved on DVD. He also accomplished growth for Salzburg in his three years there, before that woman bookkeeper did him in. OK, he is arrogant. So what? He knows his job and has the trust of hundreds of top artists, including Riccardo Chailly, who would certainly not tolerate Pereira’s firing from La Scala at this point. In short, the Milan board needed only an education.